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Welcome to the Irish Abroad. Over 50,000 people now follow our blog and Facebook page. At The Irish Abroad, we believe in promoting Irish culture, both at home and abroad. The Irish Abroad is for everyone who loves Ireland as much as we do. Become part of the journey and connect with Irish people all over the world by subscribing. Our site is full of engaging content, explore it and all it has to offer! Blogging, Travel, Heroes and humour, we've got it all.

The Irish Abroad is all about Ireland, and why being Irish is so unique. Our blog focuses on the people and stories that make us who we are. If you love blogging or simply want to find out more about Ireland then you're in the right place! Connect with thousands of Irish all over the world. Follow us on Facebook for even more unique content. Don't forget to subscribe for updates and our latest posts.


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The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.